What Are the Potential Health Benefits of a Paleo Diet?

What Are the Health Benefits of a Paleo Diet?


If you’ve come this far, you’re interested in making better health and food changes.


The potential health benefits of a paleo diet include:


    • Increased control of dietary blood sugar levels, Diabetes, PCOS & Hypoglycemia;
    • Balancing your hormone levels that lead to better regulation of your overall health; 
    • Increased & more stable daily energy levels; 
    • Improvements in Cardiovascular health including lowered Cholesterol and Blood Pressure levels;    
    • Weight & fat loss while never feeling like you’re starving; 
    • Alleviate & mitigate symptoms of gastrointestinal problems from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), fructose malabsorption, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), celiac disease, and food intolerances; 
    • Better regulation of the conditions associated with autoimmune and inflammatory conditions.


What is the Paleo Diet All About?

Modern foods have given rise to countless new ailments and conditions that have been seen throughout history.  Poor eating habits, and food choices, have given us products with artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives that have led to an increase in health problems. 


Pick up nearly any product at the store. Flip it over and take a look at the ingredients. If you don’t know what the ingredients are, there’s a really good chance that it doesn’t need to be in your body.   


This is what the paleo diet is all about.

The Health Effects of Modern Foods


The only way to describe the increase in chronic illnesses and ailments is staggering. 


While food choices can’t be to blame for them all, taking a hard look and reevaluating the things that can impact your health internally and externally is the most important thing to living a long and healthy life. 


Processed foods & additives contribute to:


    • Obesity 
    • Celiac Disease 
    • Food Intolerances 
    • Digestive Problems  
    • Fructose Malabsorption 
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome  
    • Diabetes & Blood Sugar Problems 
    • High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol  
    • Autoimmune & Inflammatory Diseases


What are the health benefits of a Paleo Diet?


More people every day are looking at the ingredients label a little harder and turning to diets like Paleo to return to the basics to eat better, live better, and feel better. 


Something to consider when you purchase processed foods is that it’s all too easy to overeat. 


When there are additives specially designed to get you to eat more by tricking your senses into wanting more than what you need.




Before making major changes to your diet and lifestyle, always consult a physician before you make changes as well as monitor your changes.  


Starting a paleo diet doesn’t need to be an all-or-nothing approach. For some, significantly altering your diet overnight can lead to diet fatigue quickly, especially if you haven’t planned out the meals and snacks you want to eat in advance.  


However, the biggest and best part of the paleo diet is that you can begin anytime. Changing the way you choose the foods you eat is the most important first step. Actively knowing what ingredients you put in your body and consciously avoiding the choices with artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors, and most importantly, processed foods. 

Blood Sugar & Hormone Levels


Eating excessive amounts of red meats, sugars, and processed foods has had a detrimental effect on blood and hormone levels.  


Artificial hormones and steroids added to the meat in combination with the consumption of sugar-laden foods, even fruits can upset the delicate internal balance your body has and can lead to Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, PCOS, and a host of other conditions.  



Controlling Inflammation & Boosting Your Immune System


While paleo diets are gluten and lactose-free, they’re also rich in the minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that combine to alleviate inflammation by eliminating the grains and other processed foods that have been shown to cause inflammation.  


Eliminating unnatural food choices and giving it only what it needs directly correlates to a stronger body by giving it only what your immune system needs to thrive.



Dieting Fatigue


Planning & preparing your meals and surrounding yourself with paleo-friendly food options helps you take more control of your health while helping you avoid dieting fatigue.


It doesn’t matter what type of diet you’re on, if you get tired of the food choices that you eat, you’re more likely to cheat, or worse binge on something you shouldn’t.   


Having plenty of alternatives for your meal and snack choices plays a large part in keeping a healthy mindset while being happy with your food choices.


Alleviating Digestion Issues With a Paleo Diet


The digestive and bowel conditions listed above can be directly linked to the food choices we eat.  The long-term health effects of grains, additives, and ingredients are the culprits for many of the digestive problems that people today have.

Improving Heart Health With a Paleo Diet


Incorporating lean proteins, healthy fats, and the right fruits and vegetables helps regulate blood pressure while maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

Everyone Can Benefit From a Paleo Diet


If you live with any of the conditions above, the paleo diet allows you to use real food to improve your health. The Paleo diet is about avoiding processed foods, artificial flavors, colors, and GMOs while eating real food.

The Key to Long-Term Success


Since processed foods are the ones that are eaten the most. Having plenty of alternatives for your meal and snack choices is the key to long-term success on a paleo diet.  


Giving your body what’s meant to eat while avoiding the highly processed modern foods that you typically eat not only makes you healthy but staying healthy. 

Monitoring Health Changes On A Paleo Diet


Before and after starting a paleo diet it’s important to speak with your doctor about implementing major changes to your diet. 


As you start implementing alternative food choices, it's important to pay attention to your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar changes and how you generally feel overall.

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