What Are Paleo Protein Sticks?

Paleo Protein Sticks are a great snack when you’re on the go, but many of the Beef sticks on the market contain beef that has been fed hormones, lives in unhealthy conditions, or is heavily processed. Whether you’re on a paleo diet or changing your eating habits, knowing where your food comes from is an important first step.


Eating Preservatives & Processed Foods?


One of the major advantages of starting a diet that eliminates artificial and unnatural flavors and processed preparation methods is that choosing simpler food choices and being aware of what goes into your body not only makes you physically healthier but mentally as well



Examples of Processed Foods


Unless you’re in an organic store, (and even then you have to be careful) if you go shopping at your favorite store for groceries, most of the items you see on the shelves contain additional ingredients, preservatives with many having a diminished nutritional value due to heavy manufacturing processes and the addition of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.




Health Effects of Eating Processed Foods?


Modern diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Diseases, and bowel disorders such as IBD and IBS coincided with the rise of additional additives including artificial colors, flavors, dyes, and genetically modified organisms, (also known as GMOs) in foods that were introduced alongside already processed foods, known as ultra-processed foods.




Examples of processed foods include:



    • Frozen meals & microwavable dinners 
    • Candy, chips & most snacks 
    • Grain products including breads & cereals 
    • Sodas & sugary drinks 
    • Canned vegetables & meats 





When you're seeking a healthier lifestyle and are contemplating a paleo, keto, or another diet, sticking to a diet is all about food choices for your meals & snacks.

The Benefits of Eating Simpler Foods


Processed foods are any food that's changed before you eat them.  For countless people, this accounts for nearly everything they eat.


The Paleolithic Diet or better known as Paleo Diet is a diet based on this type of eating simpler food choices based on the type of diet that cavemen and cavewomen would have eaten during the Paleolithic Era and consists of eating foods only found during this time.


Back then, there were no supermarkets, drive-throughs, or processed foods and hunter-gatherers were always active and on the hunt to secure their next meal and the necessities they needed to survive. 


Frozen dinners and snacks, candy, canned items, pasta, and bread; unless you're eating raw vegetables, fruits, meats, and foods that are prepared and consumed without preservatives, processing, or additives, your food is known as processed food.


Paleo, Keto, and other diets all have different variations of the food you can eat, but the common theme for them all is that more people are becoming more aware of the additives and preservatives that are added to the processed foods they eat every day.

What Makes PALEO RANCH Beef Protein Sticks Better?

Grass-Fed, Free-Range & hormone-free beef is where Paleo Ranch Protein Sticks start & end. We commit to responsible, sustainable, and humane raising & sourcing of the Beef in our Protein Sticks to bring you the simplest beef with natural ingredients and no preservatives.

Choosing a Better Paleo Protein Stick


Everyone has their likes & tastes and an essential part of living a paleo lifestyle is being happy with your food choices that satisfy your cravings.  PALEO RANCH Protein Sticks are made with the finest unprocessed and natural ingredients to give you another better-for-you Paleo snack that gives you what you need without any of what you don’t. 


We’ve created 4 great Paleo Protein Stick flavors to choose from that fit every mood and taste that complement your other Paleo Snack choices including:




Jalapeno BBQ Protein Sticks

Welcome to Protein Stick Nirvana. The zesty taste of barbecue perfectly pairs with Jalapenos to make our Jalapeno BBQ Protein Sticks deliver for you on the go.


Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Protein Sticks

You haven't had a Protein Stick 'till you tried one of our Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Paleo Protein Sticks. Simple sea salt and freshly cracked pepper combined with high-quality Grass-Fed beef make this protein stick shine.


Rosemary & Honey Beef Sticks


Real Rosemary and Honey give our Rosemary Honey Protein stick some real taste sophistication for all you sophistic cats! Sweet, savory, herbal... elevates the humble beef stick into a foil for foodies.

Thyme & Sea Salt Beef Sticks

Excuse me, do you have the thyme? Well, we do. It's right here, giving our newest Sea Salt & Thyme Grass-Fed Protein Stick, a thyme-honored (sorry) classic flavor! Our Paleo Protein Sticks come in 4 delicious flavors that will help make every snack time, me time.




From our Paleo Protein Sticks to our Paleo Bars, you’ll find the best snacks for you with no preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors to give you a satisfying and rewarding snack without anything extra that should never be there!

Paleo Protein Bars

Cage-free eggs & all-natural ingredients combine for the perfect snack, post-workout, or Paleo meal replacement by giving you everything your body needs with none of the guilt.

Paleo Snacks & Meal Replacements


At PALEO RANCH, we make finding the right Paleo protein snack for you easy.  From beef, pork & chicken protein snacks to non-dairy, soy & wheat-free Paleo bars made with cage-free eggs, we help you stay committed to the Paleo lifestyle.


From great-tasting Paleo Protein sticks, Paleo Jerky and Chicken Bites to Paleo bars including Skinny Bars & MEGA BARS.


We’re committed to providing the highest quality Paleo snacks & meal replacements that give you the essential nutrients you need. 


Find the right Paleo snacks that fit your lifestyle, and your taste buds and keep you wanting to come back for more!

Protein Sticks

Everyone loves beef, but everyone likes it better when it's just beef. Cruelty-free, hormone-free, and flavored Paleo protein beef sticks give you a healthy snacking option that gives you another great snacking option to continue with your Paleo lifestyle.


Chicken Bites

Almost everyone loves chicken.  A new Paleo snack option for Paleo dieters is Paleo chicken bites. Paleo Chicken Bites give you another snacking option that gives you a fulfilling Paleo snack option with different flavors to meet your different cravings.

Beef Jerky

100% Grass-Fed & Hormone-Free Beef combine with natural ingredients and no processing to make the best beef jerky for you!  Available in 5 flavors for every mood, these chicken bites are out of sight!

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