Paleo Diet Grocery Shopping Tips

When you’re planning on grocery shopping in your Paleo Diet, it’s important to plan your meals as far in advance as possible so you can plan your grocery shopping tips to minimize the number of trips necessary.


It’s also important to note that most of the products you’ll buy are fresh and as you progress through your meal and recipe planning, you’ll recognize additional needs to modify your recipes with additional ingredients and flavors.


You also have to take into account the storage considerations at your home. Having an additional freezer can be a huge benefit which allows you to buy and store larger quantities of meat, fruits & vegetables while having cupboard space or other storage available to purchase products in bulk can help you save money from the very beginning with appropriate planning.

Transitioning to a Paleo Diet

If you’ve committed to starting a Paleo Diet it’s better to create a plan  


Some great recipe ideas we’ll be sharing with you in our future articles include:

Weekly Paleo Breakfast Ideas


Swiss Chard Chicken Omelet  

Egg White Scramble  

Sweet Potato Hash 

Weekly Paleo Lunch Ideas


Spicy Chicken Soup  

Beef Chow Mein 

Green Bean Salad  

Lemon Chicken   

Mediterranean Fish Stew  

Beef Short Ribs  

Gingered Lemon Broccoli Salad




Weekly Paleo Dinner Ideas


Dinner Beef Chow Mein 

Green Salad 

Lemon Chicken 

Chicken Fruit Salad 

Beef Short Ribs 

Gingered Lemon Broccoli Salad 

Baked Salmon with Greens

Strawberry Spinach Smoothie 

Pear Chips 

A Sample Paleo Diet Grocery List

Fruits & Vegetables



Honeydew Melon,  

Fresh Blueberries,  


Asian Pear,  

English Cucumber,  






Button Mushrooms,  

Fresh Ginger,    

Green Beans,     

Yellow Beans,   

Red Bell Peppers,   


Dutch Yellow Potatoes,     


Red Apples,    

Yellow Bell Pepper,    

Butter Lettuce,    

Sweet Onion,   




Fresh Thyme,   


Green beans,    

Sweet Potatoes,

Herbs & Spices


Fresh mint 

Ground Cinnamon 

Sea salt  

Ground ginger  

Ground nutmeg  

Red pepper flakes  

Cracked black pepper  

Kosher salt  

Sea salt  

Spices such as cinnamon, cumin, or nutmeg  cracked black pepper to taste


Meat, Eggs, and Seafood



Chicken Breasts   

Beef Strip Loin Steak,   

Chicken Thighs and/or legs   


Halibut Filets  

Beef Short Ribs   

Beef Stew Meat   

Chicken Wings





Paleo Ketchup  

Hot Sauce Homemade or Organic

Cooking Oils



 Avocado‌ ‌Oil‌  

 Coconut Oil  

 Extra Virgin Olive Oils  

 Flaxseed Oil  

 Grass-Fed Butter  

 Macadamia Nut Oil  

 Palm‌ ‌Oils‌  

 Walnut Oil




 Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice   

 Almond meal  

 Sunflower seeds   

 Slivered almonds    


 Sesame seeds  


 Almond milk  

 Almond butter   

 Low-sodium beef stock   

 Gluten-free tamari sauce   


 Fresh orange juice  

 Tomato paste   

 Dry white wine   

 Low-sodium fish stock   

 Halibut filets 

 Dry red wine   

 Plain vegan yogurt  

 Button mushrooms


Paleo Snacks for Your Week

Fruits and vegetables can be a satisfying snack but it's essential to have hearty and flavorful Paleo snacks that satisfy cravings, taste great and adhere to your Paleo Diet & lifestyle goals.


Protein is an essential part of any meal plan for those with an active lifestyle and different tastes, preferences and even the time of day can affect your snacking habits.  An example of great Paleo Protein snacks include Chicken Bites, Beef & Bacon Jerky, Protein Sticks & Paleo Bars


Paleo Snacks & Meal Replacements


From great-tasting Paleo Protein Sticks, Jerky, and Chicken Bites to Paleo Bars including Skinny Bars & MEGA BARS


We’re committed to providing the highest quality Paleo snacks & meal replacements that give you the essential nutrients you need. 


Find the right Paleo snacks that fit your lifestyle, and your taste buds and keep you wanting to come back for more!


Paleo Skinny & MEGA BARS are nutrition bars that are the perfect snack or meal replacement you need and that you can rely on to kill your cravings. 


In a given week, you can eat 5 to 15 bars a week depending on your daily activities and regimens. PALEO RANCH Paleo Bars come in a 9-count and in a wide variety of flavors to keep snack time satisfying every time.


pALEO Protein Chicken Bites

Paleo Protein Chicken bites combine your all-natural flavors and ingredients with cage-free, free-range chicken for a wholesome, delicious, and Paleo-friendly snack option any time of day.


PALEO RANCH Chicken Bites give you a protein-packed snack option that gives you 5 great flavors to choose from in 1-8 pouch sizes so you can mix and match your favorite flavors. 8-16 pouches every 2 weeks can be a realistic expectation for the consumption of these great protein bites.

Paleo Beef & Bacon Jerky

100% Grass-Fed & Hormone-Free Beef and pork combined with natural ingredients and no processing make Paleo Ranch beef and bacon jerky one of the best Paleo Snacks that keep you committed to the Paleo Lifestyle.

With 3 great flavors of each, you have a variety of flavors and proteins to choose from throughout the week and to plan for.


Be sure to check back with the PALEO RANCH Blog for more great Paleo, diet, and lifestyle articles, recipes, and insights!

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