Strength & weight training are at the core of every successful sport, activity, and health & fitness activity. Even if you're not able to get to the gym, there are many great options to start a strength routine for you to build a strength routine for long-term success.




Strength & Weight Training


While strength and weight training may be last on our list, strength is a common necessity throughout the activities we’ve listed. 


If you’ve been inactive for a long time or have had previous injuries, it’s important to have appropriate braces and footwear that help you stay protected as you ease into running.



The Importance of Strength


More people have been working from home than ever before which, coupled with changed routines, becoming less active or worse, inactive has led to unhealthy habits that can be harder to break, the longer you leave them lay.  


Even if you're not planning on entering a Triathlon, having a basic strength & fitness level can help prevent injuries from your daily activities like lifting a carton of milk, reaching over your head into the cupboards, or picking up your toddler.


Starting a strength routine doesn't have to mean lifting more & more weight, it means getting stronger on all of your core muscles in tandem to help prevent injury from rushing to strengthen one area of your body over another.


Staying Active


Whether you're working, training, or playing hard, have the perfect snack or meal replacement with better-for-you ingredients that satisfy your cravings with none of the guilt of unhealthy additives and preservatives. 


Unfortunately, there are countless examples of unhealthy foods on store shelves and people all over the world are eating foods that contain ingredients, additives, and preservatives that can cause acute and chronic conditions.  


Inflammation, bowel disorders, and cancer can be caused by bioaccumulation from eating foods that have unhealthy, unnatural, and genetically modified ingredients.

Getting Stronger With Limited Resources

Building strength starts & ends with you. Even if you don't have time or can't afford a membership to a gym or equipment you can start building arm, leg & core strength with pushups, sit-ups, crunches, or our personal favorite, pull-ups.  


Combining your increased strength activities with a more sensible approach to the foods you eat will pay off dividends with a routine that combines better food and snack choices to accomplish your strength, health & fitness goals.

 Resistance Strength Training

Resistance training is a great strength activity that can help you strengthen your body proportionally. 

Learning what strength & resistance training routines you like to do balanced with those that don't will help you create a balanced routine.


Starting Low & Slow 

When you're starting to exercise or go to the gym again for the first time, you have to remember to take it slow. Pushing yourself, maxing the weight set out, or nearly passing out from the leg presses you do may not injure you, the muscle pain you may go through for the next few days may just deter you from staying active.  Always start strength & resistance training routines slowly to build your body's tolerance, and then your strength.

Building Strength & Endurance With Hiking


Hiking can be a great strength activity because as you gain endurance and base strength, you can challenge yourself by both hiking with extra weight or hiking in more challenging areas. 


As you develop your strength, by biking, hiking, swimming, strength training, or sport, you’ll start to be more motivated than ever to find more opportunities & challenges to conquer.


Your Safety Outdoors  


If you participate in any activity outdoors, safety should be your priority. Whether you're running biking or hiking in the hills, always let someone know where you'll be, bring a cell phone, and be aware of your surroundings when you blaze new trails for yourself, always let others know where you’re traveling and appropriate clothing, equipment and charged phone in case of emergencies. 

Paleo Protein Bar Options

If you're interested in incorporating Paleo Bars into your diet, we recommend trying out different flavors and options to find the flavors that you love. MEGA BARS & Skinny Bars are variations of our Paleo Bars and have different formulas based on your health and dieting goals.


Skinny Bars

With a lower calorie count overall, Skinny Bars provide big relief to big cravings while giving you only the essentials you need.


Skinny Bars



MEGA BARS are snacks fit to be a meal and are a bigger and healthier option for those with larger appetites.



Mega Bars

Finding the Right 

Diet & Paleo Snack fLAVORS



PALEO RANCH has an assortment of Paleo & diet snacks & meal replacements with a flavor selection that fits every mood, and your taste buds. Order yours today and get the best, better-for-you Paleo snack options made with no additives, preservatives, and only the best ingredients to put into your body.

Blueberry & Banana Skinny Bars


This Skinny Bar blends Bananas, Blueberries & the best ingredients into a morning protein bar you'll love!


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Jalapeño BBQ 

Paleo Protein Sticks 



In our Jalapeno BBQ Protein Sticks, Jalapeno & BBQ flavor blends to give you a snack with a snap!


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Cranberry Paleo Chicken Protein Bites


Cage-Free & Hormone Free chicken combine with cranberry & apple to make the perfect protein snack!


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Sweet Barbeque 

Paleo Bacon Jerky


If you're looking for the perfect Paleo snack that satisfies with none of the guilt, you can stop your search!


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Sweet & Spicy 

Paleo Beef Jerky


Get the perfect blend of sweet & heat for after your workout with our Honey Sriracha Paleo Beef Jerky  


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Coconut Chocolate 



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    The rise of the use of additives, GMOs, complex ingredients, and processed foods consumed has coincided with the rise of numerous short-term & chronic illnesses.



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