Can you use a Paleo Diet to lose weight? Yes, you can! 


While the biggest benefit of being on a Paleo Diet is eating natural, preservative-free unprocessed foods & ingredients, being on a Paleo Diet can help you lose weight during and after your transition to healthier eating habits. 


In this article, we’re going to highlight why Paleo Diets can help you achieve your weight loss goals and the strategies you can use to make your journey into a Paleo lifestyle and healthier habits successful.



What is a Paleo Diet?


If you’re just learning about what a Paleo Diet is, you’ve more than likely heard the short answer, the caveman diet. 


While weight loss may be a goal for many people who begin one, Paleo Diets are about making basic food choices that rely on meat and fish proteins, root & non-starchy vegetables, and select herb choices similar to what our ancestors, or “cavemen” ate.



Starting a Paleo Diet


Taken at face value, Paleo Diets consist of simpler food choices, and for some, their first encounter with Paleo can be off-putting because it can seem that there are not enough food and snack choices to help them stay committed to their health goals.  


However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. While proteins can have a large palace in your Paleo Diet, all-natural foods and flavor are the true underpinnings that keep more and more people committed to their own personal Paleo Lifestyles.


The Benefits of Eating Simpler Foods on a Paleo Diet 


The same perceived reason that turns people away from Paleo Diets is the same reason why others embrace them! 


Paleo Diets are based on this type of eating simpler food choices based on the type of diet that cavemen and cavewomen would have eaten during the Paleolithic Era and consists of eating foods only found during this time.   


Frozen dinners and snacks, candy, canned items, pasta, and bread, unless you're eating raw vegetables, fruits, meats, and foods that are prepared and consumed without preservatives, processing, or additives, your food is known as processed food. 

What Are Processed Foods?


Processed foods are any foods that have been modified before consumption. For countless people, this accounts for nearly everything they eat.


The addition of ingredients including salts, fats, sugars, artificial sweeteners, colors, and preservatives that make food more appealing and ‘tasty’ can come at a cost to your health. This is not to say that all-natural preservatives and additives in every instance can have a negative effect. However, being actively aware of what ingredients are in everything you eat is the first step to being a better gatekeeper to your health.  


Back then, there were no supermarkets, drive-throughs, or processed foods and hunter-gatherers were always active and on the hunt to secure their next meal and the necessities they needed to survive.

Paleo Diets Are All About Making Simpler Food Choices

Paleo, Keto, and other diets all have different variations of the food you can eat, but the common theme for them all is that more people are becoming more aware of the additives and preservatives that are added to the processed foods they eat every day.  

Using a Paleo Diet for Weight Loss


Starting a Paleo Diet for weight loss means food choices with simple ingredients with no fillers, preservatives, or GMOs. However, not only can these extra ingredients in everyday foods cause acute and chronic lasting effects on your body, the way a lot of preparation, or “processed foods” are prepared strips most of the nutritional value from the food which means empty calories, not feeling full and eating more unhealthy high-calorie, carb, and unhealthy fats.

What You Eat on a Paleo Diet 

Did you know that people get full by the amount of food they eat, not the number of calories they take in, and that you can cut calories in your favorite foods by lowering the amount of fat and unhealthy ingredients?



Paleo Diet Bars

MEGA BARS & Skinny Bar Paleo Diet Bars are a satisfying, and wholesome addition to your weight loss efforts that feature steroid-free & hormone-free egg white and beef collagen protein, all-natural ingredients, and flavors you'll love! 


Our Paleo Bars have different formulas based on your health and dieting goals. Skinny Bars give you all-natural flavors in a protein-packed bar that helps fight hunger without any fillers, additives, or preservatives. MEGA BARS are Paleo Diet Bars made for bigger appetites and activity levels but are great to cut in half or eat a little bit at a time. 


If you're adding PALEO RANCH Paleo Bars to your diet, we recommend trying out different flavors and options to find the flavors that you love. MEGA BARS & Skinny Bars are variations of our Paleo Bars and have different formulas based on your health and dieting goals.


Skinny Bars

With a lower calorie count overall, Skinny Bars provide big relief to big cravings while giving you only the essentials you need. 


Skinny Bars



MEGA BARS are snacks fit to be a meal and are a bigger and healthier option for those with larger appetites.



Mega Bars

Finding the Right 

Diet & Paleo Snack fLAVORS



PALEO RANCH has an assortment of Paleo & diet snacks & meal replacements with a flavor selection that fits every mood and your taste buds. Order yours today and get the best, better-for-you Paleo snack options made with no additives, preservatives, and only the best ingredients to put into your body.


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Can you lose weight on Paleo?

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