OUR MISSION: To provide people with delicious health foods that are compatible with the renowned Paleo Diet; to conduct in environmentally friendly and ethical ranching methods that provide a more natural and happy lifestyle for animals.

Founded in 2009, PALEO Ranch began with an unbreakable, unparalleled commitment to health, nutrition, and animal treatment. To successfully win the battle of animal cruelty, we knew we couldn’t just stand on the sidelines; we desire to give people a healthy, delicious, safe, cruelty-free protein snack option. To provide the healthiest, most nutritious, most ethical products, we start with our cattle and ranches. From cruelty free living to 100% Grass-fed & Grass-finished and pasture-raised, each and every member of our cattle family is treated humanely.

Our delicious, Paleo Certified protein snacks are healthy, nutritious options for athletes, runners, yogis, CrossFitters, Paleo Diet followers, parents, kids, anyone on the go, and everyone in-between.